Perfect beauty award

perfect beauty

perfect beauty

In our small group of friends I have met you again and again- you who spread love all around you. An unselfish, beautiful love. To me a loving soul is beyond perfection. That is why I wanted to tell you all that you are perfect beauties.

This small award is for the following friends, all my awards are without any rule or conditions. You can keep it for yourself, display it or share it with your friends. The choice is entirely yours.

You all have ocean of love inside your souls, I have mentioned only handful of you, If some one else wants it, he or she sure can have it. I created it myself so no problem about copyright either.

6 thoughts on “Perfect beauty award

  1. Trish thank you so much for this beautiful award. I will post it later after my husband goes to bed for his morning nap. You are truly a beautiful lady and friend. Thank you so much.

    Love Viola

  2. I am just smiling…non stop. Thanks. This is just soooo special and beautiful. I am sooo happy to be your friend. AYou are sooo kind in spreading the message of love to all of us. I appreciate your love and support. I hope all is well and happy. I am going to be playing catch up. lol

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