Perfect Poet Award bouquet from Jingle

perfect poet awards

perfect poet awards

Perfect Poet Awards received from Jingle (

Thank you jingle and the wonderful friends who nominated me for this lovely award. Very honestly speaking this award means a lot to me. It shows that you like my scribblings. No matter how hard I try I can call them only scribbling. Nothing more or less. When I read your works I gush at your talent. Mine are simple words from heart whereas yours are true poetry. So, when I get nominated for this special award it adds some extra light to my days. Thanks.

Thank you again Jingle for this wonderful get together which you organize for us every day. You sure make our days more beautiful and adorable. By bringing so many likeminded people together and holding them together. Working for them endlessly, tirelessly.

Anyone who wants to know “marvelous” jingle and her “splendid” rally for poets visit her blogs ( and and check her Thursday Rally for poets ( blogs.

Any poet who wants to become a part of this very beautiful group of poets who have enough time to encourage each other and become a committed reader should visit Jingle’s blog.

A blog which shows the versatile talent, warmth and dedication of this young lady.

My thanks again to all of you who have become a part of my life through this beautiful rally. In you all I have found the very best poets and friends. Whenever I read your works I take a deep look in your beautiful, sensitive souls. The faith on humanity and courage of human being increases.

God bless you all.

This one is for every one who is reading this post and shares my view.

sharing love

sharing love

10 thoughts on “Perfect Poet Award bouquet from Jingle

  1. you are ssuch an angel,
    I appreciate your positive energy and infinite wisdom…
    lovely awards,
    you are well deserved!

  2. dear jingle,
    I feel truly honoured that my scribblings got me so many prizes.
    it means a lot to me. i dont want to think about any thing but relish this joy. 🙂 🙂
    happy sunday!

  3. I love your artwork of “We share the world when we share love.” Fits wonderfully into my cosmology. Can I share it on my blog (with full credits to you and links)?

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